Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started

I’m new here, how do I start?

Do I need a subscription to use the site?

Yes, Gamidoo Learning Requires a subscription. We offer a free, 3 day trial.

Using the Site

How do I log in?

What should I after logging in?

My account, reset password, my profile – use the icons for reference

Where is the learning content?

Link from My Account, Learning page (new) and Search

I like what I see, but can I request something new?

Yes! Use this form to send us a content request. Choose “New Content Request” from the contact reasons.

And thank you for the ideas, keep them coming!

What are the stars and achievements?

It’s our way of motivating our learners. As we develop the site, we’ll add new ways to spend use those stars, and add new achievements to the list.


How do I cancel my membership?

Use the contact form linked here, and choose “Cancel My Membership” from the contact reasons.

We will handle the request within 24 hours. No new charges will be made after the date and time of the form’s submission.